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Walt Bladt on set of "Lars"
Walt Bladt

From an early age Walt came into contact with rather controversial films and discovered the metaphysical power of the moving image.


Interested in exploring and mastering the medium,

he studied in Ghent (KASK)  and Brussels (RITCS)

exploring and learning the creative workflow.

Walt likes to take the viewers on a unique experience where here explores the relations between humans and their dreams and fears.

His commercial work is more known for a clear but playful way of storytelling. From camera work to content creator, video/film production from A to B is like home to him.


May 2020
Master Ritcs

Golfball-diver Lars feels unaccepted by the world around him, although he tries to do good for everyone. His only safe space is the love for his mother. But when reality catches up with fantasy, his whole world breaks down.

(Liff-off Filmfestival UK)

March 2018
Bachelor Ritcs

A short film about Linus, a farmer with a secret who has to cope with loneliness and guilt. But when one day, his dead wife appears on his field, guilt is becoming his nightmarish reality!

(FANtastic Horror Film Festival San Diego, Brussels Independent Filmfestival,

Razor Reel Flanders Filmfestival,

Imagine Filmfestival Amsterdam, Screamfest Horrorfestival Beverly Hills, etc)

June 2017
2nd year Ritcs

After long days of doubt and uncertainty, Elizabeth acts out, trying to save her marriage. But when she gets to know a part of herself she hadn't yet discovered, a nightmare begins to unravel.

 (ARFF Berlin, Sacramento Horror Film fest, Nightmare Filmfest Columbus, Hollywood Horrorfest, etc..)

June 2016
1st year Ritcs

When Sybelle is told that she cannot have children, she is left alone with an unsatisfied mother-hunger. And you don't mess with a maternal feeling.

Short To the Point 2018

Best Narrative Short


Move me Productions

Best Dutch/Flemish shortfilm


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